Jun, 08 2017

New album artwork is finished

New album artwork is finished

From Jeremy:

“Hey all. Lot’s of stuff going on. The artwork is finished and looking great! Next step is vinyl master and send it off to the plant for pressing! As well as all other orders. Generally, vinyl takes a few months to print because of the back log of pressing plants. So I am shooting for a tentative release of September/October, but you will get it before the official release day.

I am about to head to the east coast for a string of shows with Tomo Nakayama opening (You should definitely check out his music and go to the show if you’re in the area. Check Facebook for details. June 10th -16th) and then vinyl mastering shortly after I get back. I’ll be sure to give an update on that process. Lot’s of good things coming. Thanks for your patience. Look forward to some content from the upcoming mini tour as well.

Thanks all!