Oct, 02 2020

Watch Return of the Frog Queen live

Watch Return of the Frog Queen live

“I’m really excited to release this today and I hope you all enjoy it. Return of the Frog Queen Live at Saint Mark’s Cathedral w/ Andrew Joslyn and the Passenger String Quartet is now available! This concert took place on October 8th 2016 for the unique Cathedrals series put on by Fremont Abbey Arts Center. One of the more refreshing shows I’ve played.

Watch Video >> https://youtu.be/4T8S8_hSDhs

Audio Download also available for purchase >> https://jeremyenigk.bandcamp.com

My gratitude and thanks to Abbey Arts, Andrew Joslyn and The Passenger String Quartet, Laura Gibson, Tomo Nakayama, Josh Myers, Carrie Robinson and crew, Jens Nordal and Levi Seitz.
Donate >> https://www.paypal.com/biz/fundid=BEJ6ABDWGN578

Thanks so much. I hope this brings a bit of peace and positivity. Enjoy!”